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Inspiring Youth to join Civil services as a Career Option

About Event

The "Inspiring Youth to Join Civil Services as a Career Option" event is designed to ignite the passion for public service among young minds and provide them with a clear pathway to pursue careers in civil services. This event brings together experienced civil servants, motivational speakers, and successful candidates who have cracked the prestigious civil services examinations. It aims to demystify the process of becoming a civil servant and highlight the impactful roles civil servants play in nation-building.

Content of the Event: Guest Lecture

Highlights of Events: Guest Lecture

Speakers of the Event

Name – Col Manish Kumar of Academia IAS

Course Name: 

12:30 – 13:30 : SOMC MBA I & II year

14:00 – 1500 : SOEC BTech III & IV year


Date Time & Venue of Events:

  • 16-May-2024, 12:30, DBUU

Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members:

  • Ms Taruna Sabharwal, Ms Swati Uniyal, 9084688044

Contact Person:

  • Ms Taruna Sabharwal, Ms Swati Uniyal, 9084688044

AIM of the Event:

  1. Promote Awareness: To raise awareness about the roles, responsibilities, and impact of civil services in shaping the nation.

  2. Guidance and Preparation: To provide practical guidance and strategies for effectively preparing for civil services examinations.

  3. Motivation and Inspiration: To inspire young individuals by showcasing real-life success stories and the profound impact civil servants have on society.

  4. Skill Development: To help participants develop essential skills such as leadership, ethical decision-making, and effective communication, which are crucial for a career in civil services.

  5. Networking Opportunities: To create a platform for aspiring civil servants to network with current officers, successful candidates, and peers, fostering a community of support and shared learning.